SDR++ is a general purpose receiver program compatible with almost any software defined radio including the RTL-SDR. Recent developments have seen the author release a beta of  "SDR++ server" which is a program that allows users to access SDRs remotely, by connecting to them over a network connection. This is similar to existing server applications like rtl_tcp and Spyserver, however like SDR++ itself, SDR++ Server is compatible with almost any SDR and that is a major drawcard.

Today I'm happy to release the beta version of SDR++ Server! It works with all devices SDR++ supports. Since it's beta it's still missing compression and VFO+FFT mode.
As a demo, here is a LimeSDR being streamed over WiFi at 16MS/s
Get it here: #SDRPP

— Whatsthegeek 🐲 (@ryzerth) January 22, 2022

The server is still in development and the author notes that he is still working on adding new features like lossless compression techniques in order to reduce network bandwidth requirements. However, it has already seen to be running well in tests with a remote server positioned half way around the world, even without compression enabled.

Started working on adding lossless compression to SDR++ server. How well it works depends on what signals you're looking at and what SDR you're using. What I'm seeing with general purpose compression tables is 1.1 to 2.5 times compression (usually 1.5+). Custom tables should help

— Whatsthegeek 🐲 (@ryzerth) January 24, 2022

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