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0patch by ACROS Securityfew videos, very short, specific to 0patchBlackHatfeatures talks from the BlackHat conferences around the worldChristiaan008hosts a variety of videos on various security topics, disorganizedCompaniesDetectifyvery short videos, aimed at showing how to use Detictify scannerHak5see Hak5 aboveKaspersky Lablots of Kaspersky promos, some hidden cybersecurity gemsMetasploitcollection of medium length metasploit demos, ~25minutes each, instructionalntopnetwork monitoring, packet analysis, instructionalnVisiumSome nVisum promos, a handful of instructional series on Rails vulns and web hackingOpenNSMnetwork analysis, lots of TCPDUMP videos, instructional,OWASPsee OWASP aboveRapid7brief videos, promotional/instructional, ~ 5 minutesSecurelistbrief videos, interviews discussing various cyber security topicsSegment Securitypromo videos, non-instructionalSocialEngineerOrgpodcast-style, instructional, lengthy content ~1 hr eachSonatypelots of random videos, a good cluster of DevOps related content, large range of lengths, disorganizedSophosLabslots of brief, news-style content, “7 Deadly IT Sins” segment is of noteSourcefirelots of brief videos covering topics like botnets, DDoS ~5 minutes eachStation Xhandful of brief videos, disorganized, unscheduled content updatesSynackrandom, news-style videos, disorganized, non-instructionalTippingPoint Zero Day Initiativevery brief videos ~30 sec, somewhat instructionalTripwire, Inc.some tripwire demos, and random news-style videos, non-instructionalVincent Yiuhandful of videos from a single hacker, instructionalConferences44contvinMIT OCW 6.858 Computer Systems SecurityInformation security con based in London, lengthy instructional videosBruCON Security Conferencesecurity and hacker conference based in b\Belgium, lots of lengthy instructinoal videosBSides Manchestersecurity and hacker con based in Mancheseter, lots of lengthy videosBSidesAugustasecurity con based in Augusta, Georgia, lots of lengthy instructional videosCarolinaConsecurity con based in North Carolina, associated with various 2600 chapters, lots of lengthy instructional contentCort Johnsona handful of lengthy con-style talks from Hack Secure Opensec 2017DevSecConlenghty con videos covering DevSecOps, making software more secureGarage4Hackers – Information Securitya handful of lengthy videos, About section lacks descriptionHACKADAYlots of random tech content, not strictly infosec, some instructionalHack In The Box Security Conferencelengthy con-style instructional talks from an international security conHack in Parissecurity con based in paris, features lots of instructional talks, slides can be difficult to see.Hacklulots of lengthy con-style instructional videosHacktivitylots of lengthy con-style instructional videos from a con in central/eastern europeHardwear.iohandful of lengthy con-style video, emphasis on hardware hacksIEEE Symposium on Security and Privacycontent from the symposium; IEEE is a professional association based in the us, they also publish various journalsLASCONlengthy con-style talks from an OWASP con held in Austin, TXleHACKleHACK is the oldest ( 2003 ), leading, security conference in Paris, FRMarcus Niemietzlots of instructional content, associated with HACKPRA, an offensive security course from an institute in GermanyMedia.ccc.deThe real official channel of the chaos computer club, operated by the CCC VOC – tons of lengthy con-style vidsNorthSeclengthy con-style talks from an applied security conference in CanadaPancake Nopcodechannel of Radare2 whiz Sergi “pancake” Alvarez, Reverse Engineering ContentPsiinonmedium length instructional videos, for the OWASP Zed Attack ProxySJSU Infosechandful of lengthy instructional videos from San Jose State university InfosecSecappdev.orgtons of lengthy instructional lectures on Secure App DevelopmentSecurity Festmedium length con-style talks from a security festival in SwedenSecurityTubeConsan assortment of con-style talks from various cons including BlackHat and ShmooconToorConhandful of medium length con videos from con based in San Diego, CAUSENIX Enigma Conferencemedium length “round table discussion with leading experts”, content starts in 2016ZeroNightsa lot of con-style talks from international conference ZeroNightsNews0x41414141Channel with couple challenges, well explainedAdrian Crenshawlots of lengthy con-style talksCorey Nachreinersecurity newsbites, 2.7K subscribers, 2-3 videos a week, no set scheduleBalCCon – Balkan Computer CongressLong con-style talks from the Balkan Computer Congress, doesn’t update regularlydanooct1lots of brief screenshot, how-to vids regarding malware, regular content updates, 186K followerssDedSeclots of brief screenshot how-to vids based in Kali, no recent posts.DEFCON Conferencelots of lengthy con-style vids from the iconical DEFCONDemmSeclots of pen testing vids, somewhat irregular uploads, 44K followersDerek Rook – CTF/Boot2root/wargames Walkthroughlots of lengthy screenshot instructional vids, withDon Does 30amateur pen-tester posting lots of brief screenshot vids regularly, 9K FollowersError 404 Cyber Newsshort screen-shot videos with loud metal, no dialog, bi-weeklyGeeks Fort – KIFlots of brief screenshot vids, no recent postsGynvaelENSecurity streams from Google Researcher. Mainly about CTFs, computer security, programing and similar things.HackerSploitregular posts, medium length screenshot vids, with dialogHACKING TUTORIALShandful of brief screenshot vids, no recent posts.iExplo1tlots of screenshot vids aimed at novices, 5.7K Followers, no recent postsJackkTutorialslots of medium length instructional vids with some AskMe vids from the youtuberJohn HammondSolves CTF problems. contains penTesting tips and tricksLatest Hacking News10K followers, medium length screenshot videos, no recent releasesLionSeclots of brief screenshot instructional vids, no dialogLiveOverflowLots of brief-to-medium instructional vids, covering things like buffer overflows and exploit writing, regular posts.Metasploitationlots of screenshot vids, little to no dialogue, all about using Metasploit, no recent vids.NetSecNowchannel of pentesteruniversity.org, seems to post once a month, screenshot instructional vidsOpen SecurityTraininglots of lengthy lecture-style vids, no recent posts, but quality info.Pentester Academy TVlots of brief videos, very regular posting, up to +8 a weekPenetration Testing in LinuxDELETErwbnetseclots of medium length instructional videos covering tools from Kali 2.0, no recent posts.Samy Kamkar’s Applied Hackingbrief to medium length instructional vids from the creator of PoisonTap for the Raspberry Pi Zero, no recent content, last updated in 2016SecureNinjaTVbrief news bites, irregular posting, 18K followersSecurity Weeklyregular updates, lengthy podcast-style interviews with industry prosSeytonicvariety of DIY hacking tutorials, hardware hacks, regular updatesShozab Haxorlots of screenshot style instructional vids, regular updates, windows CLI tutorialSSTec Tutorialslots of brief screenshot vids, regular updatesTradecraft Security WeeklyWant to learn about all of the latest security tools and techniques?Troy Huntlone youtuber, medium length news videos, 16K followers, regular contentWaleed Juttlots of brief screenshot vids covering web security and game programmingwebpwnizedlots of brief screenshot vids, some CTF walkthroughsZer0Mem0rylots of brief c++ security videos, programming intensiveLionSeclots of brief screenshot instructional vids, no dialogAdrian Crenshawlots of lengthy con-style talksHackerSploitregular posts, medium length screenshot vids, with dialogDerek Rook – CTF/Boot2root/wargames Walkthroughlots of lengthy screenshot instructional vids, withTradecraft Security WeeklyWant to learn about all of the latest security tools and techniques?IPPSecHackthebox.eu retired machine vulnerable machine walkthroughs to help you learn both basic and advanced processes and techniquesThe Daily SwigLatest Cybersecurity News