I was invited to the podcast and talked to host Gavin Henry for over on hour.

What it’s been like to look after the curl project for the past 25 years. We talked about the history of cURL, libcurl, whether C was the right choice, portability, some key events in those 25 years, implementing protocols, why HTTP is not so simple, rust libs, the Polhem Prize, security issues, feature requests, random support requests, code on Mars, Apple OS adoption, cars stuck in production lines, Android OS, 8 week release cycles, release cycle joy, breakdown of bug types, 1000 committers, 250 command line options, user bases, determination, json, libSSH2, c-ares, HTTPbis, HTTP/2, QUIC, Mozilla, OpenSSL, wolfSSL, DNS, FTP, the cURL book, testing, CI/CD, favorite command line options that you might not know about, and making sure that you don’t give up on that idea or project you are working on.

Listen to it