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Weaponizing to get NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for Privileged Directory Creation Bugs with Windows Error Reporting

Short Description:

I've discovered comctl32.dll (which is missing in system dir which doesn't really exist) has been loaded by wermgr.exe via windows error reporting by running schtasks. It means if we can create a folder name as C:\windows\system32\wermgr.exe.local with Full permission ACL, we can hijack the comctl32.dll in that folders. Then, I created this poc as a Directory creation to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM shell method.

POC video

POC.wmv (with backblaze's directory creation bug)

Remark: I've already reported to backblaze and they replied me that it's know issues. So, I made a video poc for educational purpose of this dircreate2system poc.

For testing purposes:

(if you have a directory creation bug via service vulnerabilities, you don't need administrator access)

  1. As an administrator, create directory wermgr.exe.local in C:\Windows\System32\
  2. And then, give it access control cacls C:\Windows\System32\wermgr.exe.local /e /g everyone:f
  3. Place spawn.dll file and dircreate2system.exe in a same directory.
  4. Then, run dircreate2system.exe.
  5. Enjoy a shell as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.



You can also use another methods by viewing this dir_create2system.txt

文章来源: https://github.com/binderlabs/DirCreate2System