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A beacon object file implementation of ThreadlessInject by @_EthicalChaos_, making use of API hashing and calling NTAPI functions directly rather than going through the Windows API.

ThreadlessInject is a novel process injection technique involving hooking an export function from a remote process in order to gain shellcode execution. The original project was released after their talk at BSides Cymru 2023.

Note: I made this project in order to learn how to write BOF's, so this hasn't been thoroughly tested.


threadless-inject <pid> <dll> <export function> <shellcode path>


For sake of example, all process id's have been assumed to be 1234.

Inject into chrome.exe, execute shellcode when process closes

threadless-inject 1234 ntdll.dll NtTerminateProcess shellcode.bin

Inject into notepad.exe, execute upon file open

threadless-inject 1234 ntdll.dll NtOpenFile shellcode.bin


文章来源: https://github.com/iilegacyyii/ThreadlessInject-BOF