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Utilize arbitrary address read/write implementation with signed driver: completely blind or kill or permanently turn off AV/EDR.

If you want to understand the implementation principle, you can refer to the analysis article: AV/EDR 完全致盲 - 清除6大内核回调实现(Chinese)

For immediate utilization, this update is released:

Supports blinding/permanent shutdown: 360 Security Guard, 360 Enterprise Edition, Tianqing V10, Tencent Computer Manager, Tinder/Tinder Enterprise Edition, Kaspersky Enterprise Edition, AsiaInfo EDR, Windows Defender.

Note: If you have other EDR products that need to be blinded, you can send me the installation package and I will implement it according to the situation.

Currently tested on 64-bit Windows 7/10/11 and Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2/2016/2019/2022. If you find a problem in a certain version, you can report it through issue and I will adapt it.


This project implements the clearing of the following kernel callbacks:

  1. Delete the callback registered by CmRegisterCallback(Ex)
  2. Delete the callback registered by MiniFilter driver
  3. Delete the callbacks registered by ObRegisterCallbacks()
  4. Delete the callback registered by PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutine(Ex)
  5. Delete the callback registered by PsSetCreateThreadNotifyRoutine(Ex)
  6. Delete the callback registered by PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine(Ex)

After deleting the kernel callback, the following 3 effects can finally be achieved:

  1. Blinding AV/EDR

    While keeping the AV/EDR process running normally, it makes it impossible to monitor any process/thread activity, any file landing, registry deletion, high-privilege handle acquisition and many other sensitive behaviors. (Not killing directly is to ensure that EDR maintains communication with the master control and avoid being discovered due to disconnection)

  2. Permanently turn off or disable AV/EDR

    Since the registry and minifilter kernel notification callbacks are deleted, AV/EDR can be permanently turned off (even if the system is restarted) by modifying the registry or directly deleting the AV/EDR file.

  3. Kill AV/EDR process

    Since the object handle notification callback has been removed, it is now possible to terminate the AV/EDR process with normal administrator user rights.


This project is not targeted at any AV/EDR manufacturers. The code examples are only for research and learning, and are not allowed to be used maliciously. If there is any malicious use, it has nothing to do with me.


This project supports two driver applications: dbutil_2_3.sys (supports win7 and above versions, but the antivirus flag is relatively small More), echo_driver.sys (supports win10 and above versions)

  1. Use echo_driver.sys driver for blinding:

    RealBlindingEDR.exe c:\echo_driver.sys 1

  2. Use the dbutil_2_3.sys driver for blinding:

    RealBlindingEDR.exe c:\dbutil_2_3.sys 2

After the program execution is completed, it means the blinding is successful. If you want to permanently shut down anti-virus software or EDR, you also need to use the taskkill command to end its process, and then delete the executable file corresponding to this process.

Trick: If EDR marks these driver files, you can try to modify the hash value of the driver file without affecting the driver signature.

Note: Currently, these two drivers cannot be loaded on the latest version of Win11 [10.0.22621.2506] (certificate revoked, Error: c0000603)

Preview: The third driver application will be released soon, supporting win7 - win11 (latest version).


The following demonstration content is not specific to this AV manufacturer, but is only for educational and research purposes. Most AV/EDR manufacturers are affected.

Tips: By executing the program directly, you can achieve all of the following effects.


  1. Delete AV/EDR object handle monitoring and kill AV process

  2. Delete AV/EDR registry monitoring and delete AV registry to permanently shut down AV

  3. Delete file landing monitoring and AV/EDR own file protection, delete AV files to permanently close AV

To be done

  1. Clear the handles related to the Windows ETW event provider in the kernel.
  2. Try removing WFP related callbacks.
  3. ...


Thanks to the following articles and projects for helping me.

  2. Windows Anti-Debug techniques - OpenProcess filtering
  3. Mimidrv In Depth: Exploring Mimikatz’s Kernel Driver
  4. Part 1: Fs Minifilter Hooking
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