I am doing another webinar on March 28 2024, introducing newcomers to how to Internet transfers using the libcurl API.

Starting at 10am Pacific time. 17:00 UTC. 18:00 CET.


  • libcurl basics
  • synchronous transfers
  • getting transfer information
  • concurrent transfers
  • URL parser
  • Q&A

The plan is to spend about 30 minutes going through the topics in the agenda and then take as long as necessary to let the attendees ask all and every question you may have about curl, the libcurl API and Internet transfers.

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I have run this webinar before. The setup will be similar but not identical to previous runs. I believe attending the webinar is way better than watching a video recording of it in particular because you get the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Whatever detail you think is unclear or you would like to know more about, I can tell you all about it.

Using the libcurl API is not complicated, but it is a powerful machine and not everything is immediately obvious or straight forward.

See you on March 28.

(The event will be recorded and made available after the fact, and so will the slides.)