It feels like it was not very long ago that we had the big curl 25 year celebrations. I still have plenty of fluid left in my 25 year old whiskey from last year and I believe I will treat myself a drink from that tonight.

I have worked on curl full-time and spare time for another year. We have taken this old thing further forward, we refurbished lots of internals over the last year while we also added a bunch of improvements. To make sure curl stays fit and remains a rock solid Internet transfer foundation for many more years.

The other day I created an image in jest based on an old Java installer screenshot.

The image says 8 billion but it might just as well be 10 or 14, we just don’t know and can’t tell. I made image say 8 simply because it was easy to modify the original image into an 8 from the original 3.

I often repeat the number twenty billion installations for curl, but several of those installations are typically running in the same device. Like how most mobile phones include two to ten separate curl installations – because many apps bundle their own installations in addition to the one the OS itself uses.

And I don’t know that there are twenty billion either. Maybe there are just eighteen. Or forty.

Cheers to another year.