Introducing Salt Security’s New AI-Powered Knowledge Base Assistant: Pepper!
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Going to a vendor’s Knowledge Base (KB) is often the first place practitioners go to get the product deployed or troubleshoot issues. Even with advanced search tools, historically, KBs have been challenging to find relevant content quickly, and navigating a KB can be frustrating. At Salt Security, not only do we want to make your job of securing APIs easier, but we also want to make getting the guidance you need easier, friendlier and more efficient. That’s why we are happy to announce the availability of our AI-powered KB assistant, Pepper.

What is Pepper?

Think of Pepper as your personal all-knowing personal assistant to API security and Salt knowledge. You can ask Pepper any question in natural language, and she will use her intelligent generative AI to craft a personalized, pinpoint answer, along side pointing you to relevant articles, documents, and resources instantly. This means no more struggling with keywords or getting lost in information overload. Pepper will provide clear and concise responses to your questions, helping you to quickly get things done without having to wade through walls of text.

Benefits of having an AI assistant

  • Save time: Instead of spending hours searching, you are served with a personally crafted answer pinpointed to your question.
  • Boost productivity: focused answers to the task at hand  to nail what you are looking to achieve.
  • Increase knowledge access: no more wading through tedious searches and articles. Get right to the knowledge you need.
  • Make informed decisions: Receive quick and accurate answers to help you make confident choices, and get the job done.

Ready to meet Pepper?

See how easy it is to get started! Click “Ask Pepper” in the Knowledge Base, type your question or request, and let the magic happen!

Watch Pepper in action

Here are some examples of what you can ask Pepper

  • “How do I reset my password?”
  • “How do I discover APIs?”
  • “How can I configure posture governance rules?”
  • “Where do I find API threats?”

With Pepper by your side, navigating the Knowledge Base has never been easier. Stop searching, start asking, and unlock a world of knowledge!

Don’t wait; log in to the Salt Dashboard and try Pepper today!

P.S. Have feedback or suggestions for Pepper? Let us know! We’re always working to improve your experience.

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