How Trustwave Accelerates Your Security and ROI with Microsoft’s 365 Enterprise Plan
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Trustwave's just-released Microsoft Security-focused solutions are designed to bring clients greater security, resilience, and a higher return on their investment by helping optimize their Microsoft 365 enterprise plan.

Let's drill down and see exactly how organizations will gain the most from the Microsoft 365 enterprise plan, (including E5 and G5) by partnering with Trustwave.

Three Trustwave Accelerator Services

Trustwave’s Accelerator services are delivered by a team of Trustwave Microsoft Security Advisors who are assigned to a client to develop a clear roadmap for organizations to accelerate return on investment and security outcomes from Microsoft Security products, specifically for Microsoft Defender XDR, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft Copilot for Security.

A clear understanding of what the Microsoft 365 enterprise plan can deliver through the Accelerator program empowers organizations to navigate complex migrations and optimize Microsoft Security tools within existing IT environments.

Trustwave Implementation Services

The recommendations and findings developed by the Accelerator team are then translated into action, ensuring measurable security improvements.

Trustwave MXDR for Microsoft

Trustwave is using a two-tier approach to deliver these solutions. The first is Trustwave Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) for Microsoft, which provides organizations with 24/7 unified security operations and extended detection, threat hunting, investigation, and response across endpoints, identity, cloud apps, and email with Microsoft Defender XDR and Microsoft Sentinel.

The second is MXDR Elite for Microsoft with Co-Managed SOC, which steps up to expand Trustwave MXDR to include frequent collaboration with experts, tailored experience, and custom content. This tier enhances an organization's security posture and operations with a unique co-managed delivery methodology.


The Trustwave-Microsoft Client Experience

Platform Optimization

After becoming a Trustwave partner, clients will receive objective advocacy for matching the proper security technology to solve a given threat or pain point. Once working closely with a partner, Trustwave will be able to optimize the transition to Microsoft within heterogeneous environments, support all major cyber technologies with Microsoft, and unlock the full value of the Microsoft 365 enterprise plan. Trustwave will also monitor the continuing advancements with artificial intelligence and machine learning, ensuring these technologies are used to increase the speed and quality of any needed responses or investigations.

Rapid Time-to-Value

One of the base concepts of Trustwave's Microsoft rollout is unlocking the full value of a Microsoft 365 enterprise plan license, so it only makes sense that Trustwave's Microsoft Security Advisors can do this as quickly as possible. Our teams can onboard a client within days, moving as fast as the client desires. This fast action is possible due to Trustwave's proven onboarding methodology, honed with decades of experience of adding new technologies to a client's security stack.

Then, once onboard, our team will keep clients up to date with Microsoft's latest innovations.

The Trustwave SpiderLabs Difference

The elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team is the underpinning that allows us to keep clients safe. Trustwave SpiderLabs has a rich history of detecting known and unknown threats using threat intelligence capabilities and technologies like Advanced Continual Threat Hunting (ACTH). ACTH is Trustwave SpiderLabs' unique patent-pending approach to behavioral-based threat hunt and investigations used to detect and eradicate threats more rapidly than competitors, which is improved by leveraging data in Microsoft Security.

The work Trustwave SpiderLabs does every day across all of our clients is ingested and studied, and we then share these lessons across our client base. This methodology is incredibly beneficial because a threat actor will use similar tactics in multiple attacks. So, when we establish a defense for a specific attack, everyone is rendered safe.

The Intangibles

Trustwave's robust combination of offensive and defensive capabilities provides for a more complete Microsoft Security experience. Additionally, Trustwave offers:

An Industry-Recognized Leader

Trustwave is an analyst-recognized leader in managed detection and response (MDR), managed security services (MSS), cyber advisory, penetration testing, database security, and email security. The elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team provides industry-defining threat research, intelligence, and threat hunting, all of which are infused into Trustwave services and products to fortify cyber resilience in the age of inevitable cyberattacks.

Trustwave is one of only five providers named in all Gartner Market Guides for MSS, MDR, Managed SIEM, Co-Managed Security Monitoring, and DFIR. We are the highest-rated Leader in IDC's Worldwide Emerging MDR MarketScape and the highest-rated pure play in IDC's WW Managed Cloud Security Services MarketScape. Trustwave was also named 2023 Cybersecurity Company of the Year, Leader, and highest-rated innovation vendor in Frost's MDR Radar report.

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