Maximizing E5 Value: Prioritized Strategies and the Importance of Managed Services Partners
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Many organizations license Microsoft 365 E5 to obtain its productivity features, which makes perfect sense because that is what the tool is known for. However, E5 also shines in the security realm offering a myriad of features that will protect the unprotected and perhaps allow an organization to consolidate its security product portfolio by removing redundant capabilities.

Microsoft 365 E5 security includes a robust suite of productivity, security, and compliance tools, but are you leveraging its full potential? In an upcoming webinar David Broggy, Trustwave’s Senior Solutions Architect, Implementation Services, a winner of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award will go over how to unlock the true value of your Microsoft E5 investment.

Some of the points David will cover are:

  • Strategic Utilization of E5 Features: Learn the most effective ways to leverage E5's advanced security, compliance, and analytics tools to enhance your organization's operational efficiency and security posture.
  • Prioritizing Key Functionalities: Discover which E5 functionalities to prioritize for immediate impact, such as Advanced Threat Protection, Information Protection, and Cloud App Security, to ensure you're maximizing value right from the start.
  • Benefits of Managed Services Partners: Understand the critical role that managed services partners play in optimizing your E5 deployment. Learn how MSPs can provide expert guidance, ongoing management, and tailored support to help you achieve seamless integration and continuous value from your E5 investment.

This event is part of the Unlocking the Power of Microsoft Security A Multi-Session Masterclass webinar series.

This event is part of the Unlocking the Power of Microsoft Security: A Multi-Session Masterclass webinar series. Register Here or by clicking on the image above.

Trustwave: The Perfect Microsoft Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Trustwave has launched six new Microsoft-focused products that will bring clients greater security, resilience, and a higher return on their investment by helping each optimize their Microsoft Office 365 E5 solution to take full advantage of all of its security features.

The new offerings leverage Trustwave’s deep understanding and knowledge of Microsoft Security products to help organizations already using, or considering upgrading, to Microsoft 365 E5 gain the knowledge and skills needed to take full advantage of all the security features Microsoft bundles with this product. Many of these features are either underutilized or not used at all by the license owners.

Maximizing the value of E5 requires a multi-pronged approach. By understanding the features, training your users, and potentially seeking expert help, you can transform E5 from a license into a comprehensive security and compliance shield for your organization.

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