XNSPY vs Spyera: Which Hacking App to Pick
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Getting your hands on the right smartphone hacking app can be very tricky. This is because there are plenty of options to choose from, with a vast majority of them failing to deliver on their promises. It can be difficult to decide which smartphone hacking apps are the right ones, and this is where we come in. In this article, we will evaluate XNSPY and Spyera smartphone hacking apps because both have developed a solid reputation over the years. Since both apps offer a similar set of features, we won’t waste your time by explaining those features twice. Whether it is about cost, flexibility, features, or ease of use, all will be covered in this article. At this point, it is important to take note that the use of such hacking apps without the clear consent of the other party is illegal. Check local laws before you purchase either of these apps because they can be quite intrusive, especially in the wrong hands. So, ready for the review? Let’s get started!


Take a look at any article about smartphone hacking apps and you will likely discover XNSPY on the list. This is because it is an exceptional platform that provided unprecedented access to data on the phone. Customers have also praised the app for its price to feature ratio. The app the most affordable hacking program and offers almost all the features available with expensive options. So what are the features and how do they work? Let’s take a look!


  • Call tracking

You can hack into the smartphone’s phone logs to obtain information related to all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. XNSPY also provides call duration data for each call. Besides, you can remotely record phone conversations and download each recording too.

  • Location tracking

Monitor the location of the smartphone in real-time to see exactly where they are and where they are going. You can also view location history to draw out a map of what route they took. Also, XNSPY has a geofencing function with which you can mark a specific area on the map to “fence” it. The app will then inform you the moment they violate the fence by entry or exit.

  • Multimedia & Internet behavior monitoring

Go through all multimedia files saved on the phone such as photos, videos, audio files, calendar entries, and more. Also, you can also read all exchanged emails, view bookmarked pages, and go through complete web browsing history.

  • SMS, IM, Social Media monitoring

This is a very useful feature because social media and instant messaging apps are now an important part of our lives. With XNSPY, you can view exchanged messages and multimedia files on apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Tinder, and others.

  • Phone remote control

Hacking into a smartphone to obtain information is one thing, but remotely controlling the phone is an entirely different thing. You can use XNSPY to view all saved contacts, view/block any installed app, take screenshots, and turn on the microphone to record the surroundings. Moreover, you can lock the phone, restart it, and completely delete all saved data.

Special feature: Instant notifications

XNSPY’s special feature is the instant notification function that works exactly how it claims to. We have not come across any app that offers such a feature with reliability. XNSPY has three dedicated lists called Watch list words, Watch list locations, and Watch list contacts. Anything you add to these lists is monitored by the app. The moment it detects anything on the phone related to any entry, the app will immediately notify you. You won’t have to spend a lot of time going through large data just to get to the information you need. XNSPY will do it for you, and at the right time, making it an indispensable feature.

Now that we have covered the features available with the service, you may be wondering how much the app costs, or if it is compatible with the phone you want to hack.

XNSPY Price & Compatibility

All smartphone hacking apps work under a subscription model and the same is true for XNSPY. There are two subscription packages that you can choose from. The premium version comes with all features and costs USD 7.49 per month. If you want a cheaper option, you can opt for the basic version that comes with a price tag of USD 4.99 a month, though it does not offer all functions.

When it comes to compatibility, XNSPY supports all Android phones running on versions above 4.0 and all iOS devices using versions above 6.0.

XNSPY requirements  

When it comes to requirements, it is important to note that you must have physical access to the Android phone to install XNSPY, though no further access is required after that. On the other hand, while you don’t have to physically install the app on the iPhone, you must obtain the Apple ID/password of the phone.

XNSPY has a dedicated control panel available on its website. You can use this control panel to use any of the features we have reviewed. It can take a while to fully understand the panel because it does not have the best of designs.

Let’s take a look at the core factors that you should consider before purchasing XNSPY.

XNSPY Pros & Cons


  • XNSPY is the most affordable smartphone hacking app.
  • The service offers a comprehensive suite of features to meet all your needs.
  • XNSPY’s instant notification function is exceptional and saves you a lot of headaches.


  • You may have to root or jailbreak the phone if you want to use some features. Visit the app’s website for more details.
  • The control panel does not have a great design so it takes some time before you get used to it.
  • We found the remote control feature to be highly intrusive.

Now that we have considered XNSPY, let’s take a look at the other option i.e. Spyera. Please take note that we won’t be explaining overlapping features since they have already been covered.

Spyera is a close competitor to XNSPY because of its advanced ability to collect detailed information from any phone. It can also ease up a lot of worries about installation as you can simply purchase a new device on the app’s website that comes with a pre-installed version of Spyera.

So what features does it offer?

In short, Spyera offers almost all the features available with XNSPY. Some features are missing though, while others are not provided by XNSPY. Let’s take a more detailed look.

  • Call logs
  • Call recording
  • Live-call interception: Listen to telephone calls in real-time instead of waiting for calls to end.
  • SMS/IM/Social media: More or less the same list of apps.
  • GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Multimedia access
  • Emails & Web browsing history

Special features: Phone remote control

Spyera excels in this department because it offers everything that XNSPY does, but adds a dedicated camera control function to the list. You can use Spyera to remotely turn on the camera and take photos or record videos.

Spyera price & compatibility

Spyera also works under a subscription-based system with the limited-version coming in at USD 13.99 a month and the full-feature version costing USD 31.99 per month.

Like XNSPY, Spyera is compatible with Android phones using versions above 4.0 ad iOS phones above OS 6.0.

Spyera requirements

Spyera has the same requirements as XNSPY, but it has a better dashboard through which all features are used.

Spyera Pros & Cons


  • A very sophisticated remote camera control feature.
  • Option to purchase a new smartphone with pre-installed Spyera.
  • An intuitively designed dashboard that is very easy on the eyes.


  • Spyera’s full-feature version is quite expensive at USD 31.99 a month.
  • The remote camera control feature is very intrusive and can raise suspicions.
  • The app does not have a notification-based function.

Take a quick look at both the apps and how useful they are.






Price for XNSPY

USD 4.99 for basic version; USD 7.49 for the premium version.

Limited version at USD 13.99; Premium Plus version at USD 31.99.

Check out the app’s website for more details on each package.


Android & iOS

Android & iOS

All Android phones running above versions after 4.0 and iOS above 6.0.

Call monitoring



Call recording and call logs. Spyera offers call interception too.

Useful for parents who want to monitor who their child talks to.

Call recording is highly sought after for customer support services

SMS/IM/Social media



All messages and multimedia files are tracked by XNSPY & Spyzie.

Primarily designed for parental use so as to prevent incidents of cyberbullying, sexting, or inappropriate communication.

Internet activity monitoring



Browsing history, emails, bookmarked pages

Little use for parents because no content filtering tool is available.

Employers can measure productivity.

GPS Tracking



Real-time location access, GPS history, geofencing.

Safety purposes.

Remote employee management

App management/ Multimedia



Pictures, videos, audio, calendar entries, saved contacts, and installed apps.

Mostly used by parents for screen-time management and preventing access to inappropriate content.

Remote control



Remote screenshots, remote data deletion, remote phone lock, remote surround recording. Spyera offers remote camera control ability as well.

Limited scenarios require these features.

Unsuitable for daily use because of intrusiveness.

Instant alerts



Available for locations, contacts, and words/phrases.

        Extremely useful for parents in almost all circumstances.

Suitable for those seeking a laid-back but alert approach to monitoring.

That’s it for this post on comparing XNSPY vs Spyera – let me know in comments if you need any more info on the XNSPY and Spyera applications or any other application that you are looking out for. 

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