Chance to Advance Your IT Career by Taking Microsoft MD-100 Exam with Practice Tests
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As an introduction into the post, get acquainted with the fact that the Microsoft corporation internationally provides all-fields aiming specialists with solid and qualitative certifying courses, above the renowned exceptional software.

Here, one of the effective ways to highlight your already gained skills and advance the IT career is to sit for the Microsoft MD-100 exam which is the first requirement for the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. This Windows 10 assessment is developed for administrators looking to validate their skills, with the second test in this route like Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101).

Well, talking about MD-100 exam, if you are well-versed in Microsoft 365 workloads, you should certainly get certified in this service by acing this enriching MD-100 assessment. Moreover, contesters should be also acknowledged in deployment, configuring, and maintenance of different Windows 10-connected technologies and devices, amongst methods non-linked to this OS.

In the heart of this post, you will find all you need to know about the Microsoft MD-100 exam.

Skills Assessed by Microsoft MD-100 Test

Diving deeper, MD-100 is an exam designed for IT personnel looking to earn the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge. You need this credential if you are an administrator that elaborates, configures, protects, manages and monitors devices as well as client apps within an enterprise infrastructure.

Furthermore, in that position, striving applicants would often work cooperatively with a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator for the design and realization of a device policy, satisfying business-related demands of a typical company.

So, skills measured in the Microsoft MD-100 exam involve the following:

       Windows Deployment

       Devices and Data Management

       Connectivity Configuration

       Windows Maintenance

More aspects to know, the test is available in the English language only and has no retirement date. Whilst, if you’ve sat and passed exam 70-698 before its expiry date on March 31, 2019, then there’s no point of taking this MD-100, so as that you can ace just MD-101 and obtain thus the resulting Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge.

In details, Managing Modern Desktops would assess your ability to perform operating systems deployment and update successfully, policies and profiles management, devices management and protection, in addition to administering apps and data.

Cost of Microsoft MD-100 Exam

The pricing of the exam depends on the country, where it’s taken. In the US, it goes for $165.

If you’re a student, you’re eligible for academic pricing, qualifying you to pay a lower fee for the test. This option is available in the majority of countries, apart from China and India. It’s possible to apply for student status via your account profile or when registering for the exam.

Microsoft MD-100 Exam Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

If you cancel/reschedule an exam appointment at least six business days ahead, you won’t be required to pay any fee. However, canceling or rescheduling the exam within five business days prior to your registered exam date presupposes relevant payment. Excluding Pearson VUE global holidays, business days start on Monday and end on Friday.

Failing to go for your exam or canceling/rescheduling your appointment at least a day to the registered test, you will forfeit the full exam fee.

What Is Microsoft MD-100 Exam Retake Policy?

By failing to get a passing score in your first attempt, a candidate has to wait at least a day before retaking MD-100 test. Further, if you can’t obtain a passing score in your second try, you can only retake the exam a third time after waiting for at least two weeks.

In the same vein, a two-week waiting period is placed on retaking the exam the fourth and fifth subsequent times.

You can only sit for MD-100 at a maximum of five times a year, and this waiting period begins on the day of your last unsuccessful attempt, after which you are allowed to take it again after 12 months. If you earn a passing score, the exam can’t be retaken.

Ways to Prepare for Microsoft MD-100

There are different online learning paths to study for the Microsoft MD-100 test, and below are discussed methods you can use to prepare for the test.

Instructor-Led Paid Courses

Here, have a look at these productive vendor-offered paid courses where you can study with a coach, acquiring thus the necessary skills and becoming accordingly qualified. These modules cover the core aspects of Windows 10, which are required to pass MD-100, including installation, configuration, security, and maintenance of the Windows 10 operating system.

Study for MD-100 with Practice Tests

Having gained substantial skills for this assessment, candidates are proposed to practice since, after all, training makes perfection. At this critical phase of your preparation, you will find the Exam-Labs website of immense help. On this platform, authoritative exam dumps inside MD-100 Premium File can be found. This is a comprehensive batch that contains 129 actual questions for a discounted price, along with related accurate answers, thatare verified by subject experts, on top of that.

Other than these constantly updated premium files, there are free exam dumps uploaded on the site by recent exam takers, which you can use for the practice. With this resource, you will become familiar with MD-100 structure and also revise key concepts evaluated in the test.

But wait, before you use these downloaded exam dumps, you have to first install the VCE Exam Player, and so, enjoy the comprehensive training with this excellent exam simulation assistant.

In a Nutshell

Concluding, with well-elaborated skills in support, deployment, and configuration activities in Windows 10, at a minimum, you are well-advised to try yourself in passing the newly developed Microsoft MD-100 exam.

Put a pin that the test, together with MD-101 is taken to win the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge in Microsoft 365 services. Working with this guide, including practice tests, discover the productive ways to pass this exam in flying colors!

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